Cyber Defense: Don't wait to be breached, know your risks!

Start Date : 07,May,2016

End Date : 07,May,2016

We have the pleasure to inform that the use of Information Technology (IT) in banking has contributed in growing customer rapport and trust with the banks in recent years. Now, Banks can rapidly expand their Business in local and global market through use of IT backbone. Now-a-days, IT not only provides security services, like protection from computer viruses and hackers, but also ensures data confidentiality and integrity for the entire organization. In most cases Enterprises are moving with IT for implementing its business decisions.


IT security is of paramount concern for all, so IT education along with knowledge of our mass-people needs to be at par the standard. To enhance our knowledge on the latest issues in IT field, CTO Forum Bangladesh, which is a non-profitable, non-political, independent organization – works for sharing IT related knowledge between IT professionals of the Country.


In this connection, We have the honor to inform you that BIBM and CTO Forum Bangladesh are going to organize an event titled “Cyber Defense: Don't wait to be breached, know your risks! ” on 07 May 2016 at BIBM Auditorium, Dhaka at 10.00am.

The seminar will be an interactive session with Security experts to better understand how we help organizations and respond to the following key questions:

Am I at risk?

Identify and mitigate complex security vulnerabilities that can lead to critical data loss or negative headlines.

Am I prepared?

Implement programs and procedures that help you improve your cyber security posture to reduce the risk and impact of cyber breaches.

Am I compromised?

Examine your network for evidence of the presence of an advanced threat actor.

I’ve been breached! What do I do?

Investigate and remediate cyber security incidents with scale, speed and efficiency.

Prepare for future events

Develop the advanced skills you need to secure your organization.

Attendee Profile : MD/DMD, Head of IT and Chief Risk Officer of Banks and  Financial organizations
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