About Us

The CTO Forum Bangladesh is an independent, non-profit, non-political organization dedicated to fostering a trusted, open and creative environment where the brightest minds of our time convene to address the banking industry's important issues. The CTO Forum members collaborate and develop solutions that harness the extraordinary potential of technology.
The CTO Forum aims to provide a powerful platform where technology leaders and visionaries from around the world can explore topics of interest and share knowledge in an unbiased, trusted and intellectually charged environment. Members respect and support the mission of the organization. The support by members is vital to the continued success, growth and relevance of the Forum, as we seek to invigorate innovation and technological advancements in the modern world.
The Mission of the Forum is to facilitate collaboration among the country's most accomplished technology visionaries. Through partnerships, dialogue and the application of advanced, multi-disciplinary technologies, we believe the answers to the industry's most pressing problems can be discovered.
Our objective is to maintain a strong and effective voice in policy formation and implementation at the apex to ensure that legislation supports and promotes the power of technology to transform banking industry as a whole.
The purpose of the forum is to:
A.Promote fellowship among the members through cultural, social, and welfare programs.
B.Support educational and research in the fields of information technology and other allied disciplines.
C.Facilitate in disseminating knowledge in IT development and networking with similar professional bodies
D.Arrange meetings, discussions, workshops, seminars, symposiums and conferences for sharing experience and knowledge among professionals, scholars and policymakers; and
E.Encourage efficiency and high ethical standard in IT profession.